Spring Clean Up

The spring clean-up will take place in April when the snow cover has diminished. All the trash and remaining leaves left from fall and winter will be cleaned. Any spots that the snowplow hit will be fixed and seeded if necessary.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn mowing will begin in late April. Lawn mowing just sums up what we do but we do a lot more than just lawn mowing. Every week we mow, string trim around any obstacles that the mower can't get to and blow off drives and walks. We make sure that the grass clippings are not piled up in your yard. We also make sure that all trash is picked up before each mow so it doesn't create a mess in your yard. We also edge monthly and work on flower beds by your request.

Fall Clean Up

The season ends with fall clean up which is picking up any leaves and any other trash in your yard. This is also when we cut your grass one last time to around 2 inches so that no diseases set in over winter. Also at this time, your property will be inspected to see if there is anything else to do before winter.

We have year-round package deals. Please ask!